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Who We Are

TMX Global offers a fresh and innovative approach to delivery services, acting as a liaison between the end-user and product provider. We are committed to serve both local and regional clients by offering comprehensive value-added, tailor-made solutions with a professional touch. 
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Our  Goal

Our main goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility with greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency.

Our Vision

To be leading logistics service provider globally and to add value to the society.

Our Mission

To provide quality logistics services to local and international clients

Core Values

Team Work, 




Main Aim

 To be recognized as the leading international logistics company. 

How We Work

How far can TMX global go in parcel delivery?.

TMX Courier services are not limited to locals only. We do regional and international deliveries too. More and more people prefer TMX global since we are faster and more efficient than our competitors.

Can the client track the parcel before it’s delivered?

Yes at TMX global the client is able to track their parcels while on transit. They are given a unique tracking code for the parcel once it has been collected by our company.

How TMX Global Courier Works?

The company has a collection point in several regions from where clients are able to deliver their parcels.
Also our client can calls us to pick the parcel from their doorstep. The doorstep can either be from home, office or business premises. The collection from the client is usually done by the company messenger or the courier driver.
Once the parcels have been collected and necessary documentation done they are dispatched and ready for transit as soon as possible. The documentations include proof of collection, type of item to be transported, and the weight of the parcel. Both the client and the company sign an agreement that they are in a business transaction. TMX Global signs agreement of receiving the parcel while the client confirms that they have dispatched their parcel to us.

How does the recipient receive their parcel?

The destination can be at the premises of the client according to the address given by the sender. Alternatively, we have collection points from where the parcels can be collected from. The receiver has to give their identification details in order to collect the items. This is a necessity in order to keep thieves and fraudsters away.

When is the payment made?

Payments are done once the parcels have been collected from the sender. This caters for the transportation costs and the insurance of the goods.

Why Choose TMX Global?

We are in the best position to transport any form of items. There is no limitation to weights and sizes. The items vary from furniture, glass items, manufactured goods, household items and cereals amongst many others.
Choose TMX global Courier because of our efficiency, real time tracking and your security is guaranteed.

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