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If you are not sure which category your product  falls in or else desire to get a personalized quotation please get in touch with us.
Get a personal quotation on any product that you intend to ship with us
Understand all the maritime rules and regulations
We handle all imports to  East Africa or Exports from East Africa to the world.
Inquire on charges, weights &  approximate shipping time

TMX  Ship with Us:

The following are items that one can ship with us from USA, Europe,  and any other part of the world to East Africa. We also export from East Africa to the rest of the world
Shop & Ship

Shop In the USA ... Ship to Kenya

With our Shop & Ship option, one gets an opportunity to buy products on online outlet stores and ship to Kenya or East Africa.
This includes platforms like Amazon, Ebay, Target, Nike, Adidas, Channel, Gucci and any other Designer online store.
Take advantage of festive season offers, black friday sales and coupon codes to get high end products affordably.
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Sea Freight

Ship Anything by Sea to Kenya

With our sea  freight services, you can import / export  cars, fertilizers, animal feeds, different types of farm inputs, upholstery, industrial chemicals and pharmacetical products.
We also export various fruits and vegetables from East Africa, using our cold room shipping services.
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Air Freight Cargo

Air Freight Shipping

Ship beauty products, clothes, home appliances, parcels, secured documents,
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