Courier services frequently asked Questions

The TMX Courier delivery is a new revolution in the parcel and transportation industry. We pride ourselves in the courier new pioneers since we are in charge of the whole process. As a courier company we are different from the post office services. The security of your items with us is guaranteed. Trust TMX Courier new with your door to door deliveries at all times. 

Can TMX Courier Deliver to PO Box?

We work with the post offices in parcel deliveries. In most cases we work with their parcel deliveries that are express. The post offices have the express mail delivery services to their clients. In that case the usually contact us to help in the delivery. The cost is catered for by their client. This happens mostly when they have an order but cannot manage to deliver as a result of the distance. The distance in relation to the cost is usually not workable and so they reach out to us. 

Can TMX Couriers Deliver to Parcel Lockers?

With the authority of the client, yes we deliver to the parcel lockers of the post office within an area. Our duty is parcel transportation to the given location by the client. If the client instructs us that the destination is their parcel lockers that is exactly what we deliver to. We have no limits on the parcel destination locations. 


Can courier service pick up from home? 

Why not? TMX Courier picks parcels and any other form of items from the location allocated by the client their homes inclusive. Most of our clients prefer their parcels picked up from their homes. These are either domestic items or furniture. Some of our clients work from home and as such we pick the end products and deliver to their clients. They also trust as with their official documents to other offices since their homes are their offices. 

Can TMX Couriers Leave Parcels with Neighbors?

Yes the TMX Courier new can deliver to the neighbors but under one condition. Only when the parcel sender instructs so. Sometimes we are in the process of door to door delivery only to realize that the recipient is not available. In such a case they give us instruction on which neighbor to collect the item on their behalf. The neighbor to collect the parcel must give us their personal identification details for security reasons and for the purposes of record keeping too. This is also a security measure too. 

TMX Courier Services Near Me

One of the major concerns for anybody who needs their goods transported by us is safety and security of their items. At TMX Courier we ensure that the security and protection of our clients’ parcels is guaranteed. Our motto is to ensure that our clients are at peace once they have a contract with us. Your only duty is to give us the work then sit and relax as you watch us deliver. One of the ways that we ensure we are the best in efficiency is opening as many offices as possible so as to be as near as possible to our clients. Just check the yellow pages, or make calls and you will be surprised how TMX courier are near you. Yes every client of ours boasts of TMX courier services near me. We are as near as just a phone call away.

As our potential client are you worried about our services near you? Worry no more. TMX Courier services are closer than you can imagine. We are just a phone call away. Just dial our official number and there and then you will have our services. Physically we have opened several branches worldwide in order to increase our efficiency to customer delivery services. These branches have micro branches under them in order to reach you at your convenience. 

Are TMX courier services open today?

Worry less about our operation days. We are open daily on working days. We have several employees who work under shifts thus we are rarely closed. You can send your parcel at any time and on any day. In case of any closure we usually have a prior communication to the public. Trust TMX Courier services company with convenience. 

Are TMX courier services working today?

Yes our courier services are working today. We have no reason for closure. We have every reason to remain open. As a multinational service delivery company we remain open most of the time. This is facilitated by the change in time zones all over the world. For any queries one can always make their confirmations via calls. We receive parcels and deliver from door to door on a regular basis. 


Are TMX courier services open on Sunday?

Yes we are open on Sundays the whole day. We have clients who send and receive their parcels on Sundays. Closing on this day means it’s an inconvenience to them and that is not our intention. We have maintained a high efficiency rate by having our courier services up to and including on Sunday. Those who need us physically on Sunday should not be worried since our office is functional. 

Are TMX Courier Services Open Tomorrow?

This information is usually available on our website. We keep our clients updated daily via our website. In this global world most communication is done online. A majority of the population spends its time online. TMX Courier services has ensured that it reaches them online. We keep all information and any updates on the website. We strive at giving the most current information about the company as much as possible. We have an employee whose mandate is to keep our clients and the public updated on a daily basis. To get our courier services tomorrow just check on us on the website. 

TMX Courier Tracking 

At TMX Courier services we pride ourselves in allowing our clients to track their parcels anytime of the day or night. We are a transparent company and so once we have a parcel the sender or the receiver is able to track it while on transit. This is made possible by phone calls. Another method is by using the unique identification tracking number that the company allocates each parcel. Once you get into our website as a client you are able to track the parcel through the transportation vehicle. In case of calls our call center is also functional 24hours a day. There is no limitation in the number of times that one is allowed to track their parcels. Infact one is able use TMX courier tracking at every step of the way. 

Door to Door Delivery 

Our door to door delivery is very efficient because our clients trust us. We collect items and deliver to our clients preferred destinations. Who wouldn’t trust TMX Courier services especially because we allow our clients to walk with the parcel when we have it? Our customer service is up all the time to keep our customers updated on the location of their parcels at all times. This has enabled more and more customers to trust us with their door to door deliveries. One is able to even estimate the date and time of the arrival of a parcel. We swear oath of secrecy and as such we are trusted with very sensitive parcels to very sensitive locations. Our private and reserved clients also trust us with their door to door delivery of items since their parcels security is guaranteed. 

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