Door to Door Frequently Asked Questions

What is Door to Door Delivery?

Door to door delivery is the delivery of an item from one location to its final destination. It entails the parcel being picked from the sender to the exact doorstep of the recipient as its final destination. The final destination can either be a home, office, business premise, supermarket or a manufacturing plant among many others. This is a preferred means for delicate items or when one doesn’t have the time to go and collect their parcels from a courier’s collection point. 

What does Door to Door Delivery Mean?

Door to door delivery simply means that the parcel is collected and delivered to the recipient without a mediator in between. The final destination is the location intended. In this case the item is dropped at the exact location and not at the offices so that the client is called to come and pick. 

What is Door to Door Courier?

Door to door courier is the courier which transports parcels, items, consignments or shipments from the sender to the receiver. A courier can either be a vehicle, motorbike, bicycle or even an individual. The preferred chosen means is chosen to act as the courier to transport the parcel from one location to the other. It is more secure if the above means of transportations operate under a registered trusted company like TMX Global. 


How Does Door to Door Delivery Works?

This is a puzzle to many especially when it is as efficient as it is at TMX Global Courier Services Company. The client makes an order to the company by making a request for the item to be collected at a particular point. The courier makes prompt action to collect the item at the said collection point. All details are collected of the item and all the necessary documents are filled in. payments are made to the courier. The courier collects the item and transports it to the desired final destination as given by the sender. The receiver signs indication receipt of the item and close of the transaction. 

How Long Does Door to Door Delivery Take?

How long door to door delivery service should take depends on distance, terrain of both collection and final destinations. It is a service that should take less time since TMX Global also works towards spending less time with the parcel as much as possible. The courier picks the item and transports it to its final destination immediately. 

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