Door to Door delivery

Door to door delivery service is a service where a courier company collects parcels or goods from a given location to the final destination according to the customers’ desire. The client gives the service provider the details of the collection address and the delivery location. 

Door to Door Delivery Meaning 

TMX Global Courier Company offers door to door delivery services. What does this mean? This simply means that the company is able to deliver parcels at the desired destination of our clients. This service is popular with businessmen who desire to receive their goods at their business premises. Such goods include packaging containers from the manufacturers. This saves time for our clients since theirs is to give us the order by a simple phone call and ours is to collect the goods and deliver. It is also a preference to home deliveries too. 

How is TMX Global Able to Achieve Door to Door Delivery?

We pride ourselves in the most efficient door to door delivery service company in real time. Our clients have developed confidence in our door to door delivery service since we deliver within the shortest time possible. Being the pioneer of this service we have well laid structures to deliver this to the satisfaction of the client. 

What are the Advantages of Using the TMX Global Door to Door Delivery Service?

  • The door to door delivery of our company saves the client’s time since once they’ve made the order theirs is to sit back and wait for delivery in real time. Since it is our work we treat all orders with urgency. 
  • Our door to door service saves the cost of transport to the client. They save the cost of transport to a collection point as we deliver to them. 
  • The TMX global door to door service is safe for the transportation of fragile items. We deliver goods in the same condition that we have collected them from the collection address. The receiver is able to verify since it is from us to them. There are no go-between between us and the delivery address. 

The Efficiency of Door to Door Delivery Service 

The TMX global door to door delivery is very efficient since the company has a wide transportation network to enable it to reach even the most remote location for either collection or delivery. In other addresses motorbikes are used for the service. 

The company is also successful in this service since it vets all its employees and employs only professional cargo handlers with reputable records. The employees strive to deliver to the client with a high sense of professionalism and excellent customer care since they deal with clients on a one on one basis. 

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