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At TMX Courier services we have several meanings of the term courier. We distinguish ourselves from the others by giving a very clear definition of the term courier. We think and act parcel transportation leading to the convenience of being referred to as a courier company. Apart from the courier company, at TMX courier it also includes individuals and any other form of transportation of parcels. This includes trucks, small vehicles, Lorries and even motorbikes. 

Definition of Courier Meaning at the Company 

The Courier meaning at TMX Courier services is wide and broad and cannot be exhausted. It includes the transportation of parcels from one location to the desired location according to a client’s direction. When a client shows an interest to have a parcel transported they enter into a contract with the company. This can happen through various means like through calls, physical availability to the nearest offices to them of even requesting TMX Courier to pick the items from the client’s doorstep. 

Individual Courier 

Individual employees also define courier meaning at TMX Courier. These individuals are easily identified by their branded uniforms labeled with the company name and logo. At the collection of parcels from the clients they also produce their personal identification details. This has enabled many clients to trust us. These individual employees can either use motorbikes, vehicles or any other form that is of their choice as long as one is able to identify themselves to the clients. The client can always call the office to verify individual information. 

Courier Trucks 

Bulky parcels at the company are transported using the big, long trucks. These are able to carry any weight either within the borders or across the borders and within the continent. These big courier trucks are used to transport items such as new vehicles, heavy machinery and industrial spare parts. Most drivers who manage these trucks are the company’s employees. 


Courier Vehicles 

This is the main mode of transportation since the company has several vehicles which are used to transport both small and medium sized parcels. This ranges from letters, gifts, furniture and even food items like cereals amongst many others. 

Motorbikes for Courier Services 

The company uses motorbikes to deliver and collect parcels from remote locations. This method is more convenient for smaller parcels from remote locations. It is also used to transport parcels within close proximity. This defines courier meaning for TMX Courier since motorbikes are both cheaper and more convenient for the small items within a town. 

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