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International Deliveries

TMX Courier services has contributed a great deal in making the world a global village through our door to door service delivery. No destination is too far or remote for us. We pick items from our clients and deliver them worldwide. This happens for both corporate and individual clients. Families trust us since we are in the best position to deliver parcels to their loved ones overseas

TMX Door to Door

One of the services that we offer at TMX Courier is the door to door delivery services. We pride ourselves in perfect delivery from one location to the other. We strive to deliver parcels in the condition that we picked them in. our clients trust us since we are perfect messengers. Our customer is our master. The master makes the order and we deliver. Sit and relax and wait to see how we do our thing without disappointments and in real time. The following are some of the examples of the times when you should trust us with door to door deliveries.

Seller to Buyer

We deliver parcels from the seller to the buyer. When one buys goods, we simply go up to the manufacturer in order to pick the items and deliver to the buyer. Some items are too bulky and is an inconvenience for the buyer. Therefore in such a case the buyer becomes our client and directs us to pick the items from the industry. They also instruct the manufacturer to dispatch the goods to us as their courier of choice. An example of such kind of business is picking packaging containers to be delivered to the user. Others include chemicals. .

Buyer to Seller Delivery

Buyers also trust TMX Courier to deliver their parcels to their sellers. In most cases buyers may wish to refund products that have factory default for correction. We deliver such too. Buyers also trust us to deliver paper copies to their sellers in their business transactions too. This usually happens when paper copies are required for proof despite the online transactions

Office to Office Delivery

We also deliver items from one office to the other. This includes documents and letters. We pride ourselves in the delivery of highly confidential documents from one office to the others. Over the years our clients have trusted us with these kinds of documents which we simply treat as such. We deliver all kinds of parcels be they as delicate as glass or as stable as furniture..